Numio Integration Agreement with DexPro

Numio has entered into an integration agreement with DexPro. This agreement will see Numio’s 2FA and KYC solutions integrated into DexPro’s Uniswap trading tools platform, specifically for their “LaunchPro”.

The choice of Numio’s advanced public-key cryptography 2FA solution shows DexPro is taking its customers’ account security seriously. Traditional TOTP authenticator codes have inherent weaknesses such as the codes being stored in a database and being vulnerable to phishing. Numio’s public-key authentication removes these attack vectors, meaning user accounts are more secure.

DexPro will also be integrating Numio’s instant KYC solution to onboard customers. Using advanced NIST-certified AI technology to scan 3D images of a user’s face and compare it to government ID, Numio offers KYC at a more competitive rate than any other market offering. 


Numio verification also allows any user to hold an attestation of their identity for instant onboarding at any other partner crypto exchange that requires KYC – without having to go through another onboarding process.

About DexPro

DexPro provides an arsenal of tools and information needed to help traders make the most out of their trades on Uniswap while staying clear of unscrupulous projects that are only there to make a quick buck. With features like charts, rich metrics, liquidity alerts, integrated Uniswap trading, portfolio tracking, and much more, DexPro is focused on becoming the number one provider of tools and information for decentralised exchanges. 

Why was DexPro created?

It is imperative for any trader to have as much information as possible on an asset before deciding to invest in it or not. Dexpro provides that information in a single place thus making it much easier for the investor. 

Also, because of Uniswap’s decentralised nature, many scam projects get listed on it every day, resulting in a large number of people buying the wrong tokens, only to later find out that they have lost their money. Dexpro aims to solve this issue by providing detailed information about the projects that are listed on Uniswap, so that people can verify a token’s authenticity before they invest in it.