Numio is your simple, secure and very powerful cryptocurrency payments app.

Fast. Cheap. Safe.

zkRollups allow you to make fast and cheap cryptocurrency transfers, while retaining all of the security and control offered by Ethereum.

Numio can process up to 2,000 transactions per second peer to peer or at the point of sale.

Authenticate yourself using a QR code and biometrics when signing into Numio Vault and other partner exchanges and websites.

Turbocharged Ethereum

zkRollups from zkSync is a trustless protocol that gives you instant Ethereum transactions with extremely low transaction fees.

Your funds are as cryptographically secure as they are on the Ethereum mainnet

You are always in control of your funds – your keys, your crypto.


Purchase cryptocurrency with credit or debit card.

Pay with cryptocurrency at partner merchants – coming soon.

Two-Factor Authentication

Using public key cryptrography and on-device biometrics to secure accounts, Numio Authenticator is faster and more secure than Google Authenticator or Authy.

Verify and Manage Your Identity (Optional)

Onboard onto exchange partners instantly by verifying your identity using our secure zkProofs identity management system.

This is totally optional – you can always stay anonymous.

In Development



Trade cryptocurrencies in-app.



Swap one token for another without leaving the app



Lend or borrow cryptocurrency.


Pool your cryptocurrency and take advantage of the power of community for larger staking rewards.