Crypto Payments Made Easy

The referral promotion is now over.

Referral rewards will be distributed in a few weeks to give everybody a chance to download and complete the required steps.

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Secure. Fast. Reliable.

When sending ERC-20 tokens with your Numio Wallet you don’t need to hold ETH in your wallet to send crypto.

Transactions are instantly verified using our advanced digital identity standard.

Numio uses blockchain leveraged 2FA and doesn’t have access to your private keys, so your crypto is always under your control.

ETH Congestion Proof

Our zkrollup scaling solution allows P2P transactions to settle instantly with near zero fees, without waiting on the ETH network.

Point of Sale and P2P

Spend your crypto at partner merchant locations, purchase crypto, or pay friends.

Verify and Manage Your Identity

Verify your identity and control access to who you share data with. Onboard onto exchange partners instantly.

Built-in 2FA Solution

Sign into Numio Vault and any partner exchanges or sites with our built-in 2FA solution. A simple QR scan and your in.