Numio Vault Has Your Assets Covered

Vault combines the simplicity of software wallets with security that rivals hardware wallets.

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Numio Authentication

Verify logins and actions with the Numio app to keep your cryptocurrency safe.

zkRollup Technology

Transfer tokens instantly, and up to 100x faster with zkRollups.

Private Key Freedom

Our NumioCloud technology can recover your account even if you lose your private key - without compromising security.


Vault is non-custodial, so there’s no risk of a centralized server being hacked and you losing your funds.

Cutting-Edge Features Unique to Vault

Shared Vaults

Share Vaults with friends and family using our proprietary multi-signature technology.

Dead Man's Switch

Assure that the cryptocurrency in your Vault finds a home if access is lost to the account, for any reason.

Bill Payments

Save recipients and send crypto to individuals and businesses instantly or scheduled, which settles in fiat.

Trusted Addresses

Enable the addresses that can receive crypto from your Vault withdrawals.

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