Welcome to Numio

Numio - Cryptocurrency Wallets

Manage your cryptocurrency securely with Numio’s identity-based blockchain technology

We are Numio, and today is our first day on social media. We exist to make blockchain useful for ordinary people and ordinary businesses.

Our two key products, Numio Pay and Numio Vault, are in beta testing now. Vault keeps cryptocurrency safe and Pay makes it easy to move crypto around, either between individuals, or to pay for things in stores.

But these two apps are only the beginning.

At the heart of everything we do is technology that secures people’s identity and enables secure ownership of digital assets. Not only your coins, but your digital signature, your data, your accounts, your selfies, even the journeys you make through real and online space.

Your identity, your money, our tech.

To find out more visit our website, and to keep in touch join us on twitter or Telegram.